37th GIMAC Pre-Summit Meeting on Advancing Africa’s Commitment to Gender Equality and Women’s Rights

37th GIMAC Pre-Summit Meeting on Advancing Africa’s Commitment to Gender Equality and Women’s Rights

The Peace Centre, as a member of the GIMAC Steering Committee co-hosted the 37th Pre-Summit CSOs Consultative Meeting on Gender Mainstreaming in the African Union and Member States from 31 January to 2nd February 2021. This included training of young women on advocacy at the African Union and facilitating the Peace and Security panel where the Peace Centre’s partner Centre for Inclusive Governance Peace and Justice (CIGPJ) highlighted the issue of non-implementation of the 35% quota for women’s leadership in the South Sudan peace agreement.

37th GIMAC highlighted the contribution of women & girls to Africa’s peace processes & economic integration, and will also review & consolidate a common position on the effectiveness & efficiency of the AU, RECs, and Member States in mainstreaming gender equality. This year’s meting aimed at consolidating CSOs review of the AU legal and strategic framework on arts, culture and heritage focusing on achievements and critical gaps towards implementation; proposal of inclusive, effective and efficient strategies that enhance and utilize the agency and role of women and girls in realizing the vision for a strong cultural identity, common heritage, shared values and ethics, building on the opportunities provided by the African Continental Free Trade Area, StGs and AU Reforms.

The proposed key topics for discussion were guided by GIMAC’s six (6) thematic clusters, namely: Governance, Peace and Security, Human Rights, Health, Education and Economic Empowerment. In addition to the thematic focus of work, GIMAC established a sub-committee on girls and young women in 2017 to harness the demographic
and gender dividend. The outcome of the event was a set of key recommendations that will be utilized in advocacy towards the AU Summit and for the GIMAC to outline its roadmap and strategies with specific action points to inform effective coordination and implementation of AU Declarations at the RECs and national levels.

Our partner Carol Kibos from South Sudan

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