Call for Expression of Interest to Develop an Online Election Monitoring System.

Call for Expression of Interest to Develop an Online Election Monitoring System.

Deadline; 15th September

1.0 Background

The Women’s Situation Room (WSR) is a platform for women, in collaboration with the youth, to play an active and direct role in peace and conflict prevention processes. It is an early warning and rapid response mechanism to election related conflict and violence in African countries. The WSR was first implemented in Uganda before, during and after the 2016 election with other women’s rights organizations. With support from partners, The Peace Centre as the secretariat of the WSR is implementing the WSR for the 2021 elections working with the Uganda Women’s Network.

1.1 The goal of the Women’s Situation Room:

The goal of the Uganda Women’s Situation Room is to promote the full and active participation of women and youths in ensuring peaceful elections in Uganda.

1.2 The overall expected outcomes:

  1. Enhanced participation of women and youth in delivering a conflict and violence free elections for Uganda through the Women’s Situation Room.
  2. Established system for rapid and immediate response to reports of electoral violence.

1.3 The Objectives of the Women’s Situation Room

  1. To provide a platform for women’s groups to strategize, plan and respond rapidly to elections related violence in a coordinated manner;
  2. To show case women’s ability to constructively launch preventive measures to ensure elections take place in a manner that fosters peaceful environment;
  3. To conduct high level advocacy in order to mitigate political and electoral violence and emergencies before, during and after the elections and
  4. To build a network of peace activists equipped with the requisite skills and knowledge for prevention and response to political and electoral violence before, during and after the elections

2.0 Call for Expression of Interest

In preparation for the 2021 elections, the WSR with the support of its Secretariat the Women’s International Peace Centre, is inviting applications for consultants to develop an online violence monitoring Application.

2.1 Objective

To develop an online application that will capture real time collection and reporting of violent incidences before, during and after elections. This will enable analysis and response to violent incidences in the entire country.

2.2 Assigned Description

Roles and Responsibilities

Develop an Election Violence Monitoring System that will enable the;

  1. Collection and reporting of election violence by election violence monitors to a centralized system.
  2. Collect various types of violence before and after elections
  3. Perform various types of data analysis and visualization.
  4. Identify locations of violence and reflect such in a centralized system for visualization
  5. Support reporting violence via the mobile app, SMS and selected social media channels.
  6. Enable capturing of responses undertaken by the WSR to reported cases of violence working with different stakeholders.

2.3 Required Skills and Experience:

  1. Demonstrated experience in developing online applications
  2. Excellent Technical expertise in IT
  3. Critical thinking and analysis
  4. Time Management
  5. Knowledge on election democracy, Peace and Security.

2.4 Application Requirements:

Interested parties can submit their application, Curriculum Vitae, samples of past related Applications developed, proposed budget and schedule.

Please note; Applicants can be individual consultants, groups of consultants or institutions/ organisations.

2.5 Application Process

Expression of Interest clearly marked “Expression of Interest to develop an online Application for the Women’s Situation Room” can be submitted as a soft copy through email address on or before 17.00hours local time on Tuesday, 15th September 2020.

Only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted.

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