Call for Articles for the Feminist Peace Series Magazine 2nd Edition


Women’s International Peace Centre (The Peace Centre) is a feminist organization with a mission to ignite women’s leadership, through amplifying women’s voices and deepening their activism to (re)create peace.   We are committed to making information available for women to influence decision-making in the peace process. Since 1996, The Peace Centre has researched and documented the critical yet often-neglected experiences and perspectives of women in conflict and post-conflict in Africa and Asia generating important data and information to influence policies and practice. We are committed to making information available for women to influence decision making in peace processes.

The Feminist Peace Series Magazine

The Feminist Peace Series was born out of the continuous inquiry into what Feminist Peace means in practice with the objective to showcase the different transformative approaches to peacebuilding. In the 1st Edition of the Feminist Peace Series, The Peace Centre shared various understandings of Feminist Peace with perspectives from practitioners, partners and colleagues in the field of peacebuilding. We hope that with the Feminist Peace Series, we will continue to build a community of diverse contributors and readers that value activism and that understand feminist perspectives on peacebuilding.


The 2nd Edition of the Feminist Peace Series Magazine will focus on the following;

  1. How women around the world are responding to the impact of COVID-19 and the measures taken (or not taken) by governments to stop the spread of the pandemic;
  2. The game changers necessary for real progress towards feminist peace from the perspective of women peacebuilders.

Submission Guidelines

We invite your contributions to grow the body of knowledge on Feminist Peace in the form of articles, artwork, photography, poems, illustrations profiles/features (on individuals or collectives) and more on your Feminist Peace Realities.

Submission and Selection Process

  1. Submissions must be sent by email to by 28th June 2021
  2. Written submissions should be single-spaced in Calibri 12 point
  3. All work will be checked for plagiarism and detection of the same will lead to disqualification. APA is the recommended reference format.
  4. All submissions should be in English. The author(s) should indicate personal full contact details and include a brief biographical note.
  5. The decision on selected pieces will be communicated to each applicant by the Editorial Board by the 2nd Week of July 2021
  6. Successful candidates will be paid an honorarium.

We highly encourage young women across the region to submit their work. Written pieces should be between 500 to 1000 words.