The Women, Peace and Security Update; No.4

The Women, Peace and Security Update; No.4

The week in Women, Peace, and Security

The new code of conduct, outlined in the African Union Policy on Prevention and Response to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse for Peace Support Operations, prioritizes the elimination of all forms of gender-based violence and puts peacekeeping operations at the forefront of ensuring justice and the protection of vulnerable populations.

United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) hands over a Women’s Rehabilitation centre to a local women’s group in Wau to help empower them politically and economically.

The Southern African Development Community Regional Strategy on Women, Peace and Security (2018-2022) publication is launched demonstrating its commitment towards political stability, sustainable peace, security, and good governance.

UN Women announces the “Beijing+25 Youth Task Force”, comprising of 30 young leaders from different youth-led and youth-serving organizations, with diverse areas of expertise and from all regions of the world.

Kayan Women’s Organization (KyWO) is helping to upgrade the role that women from Karenni areas play in peace and politics, and support the peace process through State-level contributions

Five new informative policy documents and strategies presenting issues ranging from energy to infrastructure to gender, and monitor progress on regional integration in southern Africa are launched ahead of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Summit.

The future of women leaders in Afghanistan; It is only when the institutional structures change in Afghanistan, when there are structural changes on a macro and micro level, can the status of women leaders shift from symbols to real people.

Nepali Women’s rights activists, government officials, and stakeholders stress the need for a consolidated progress report to be presented in multiple UN forums.

Afghan women make it clear they want peace without oppression

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