Programme Manager

Juliet leads the research team and has designed, conducted and authored nineteen of Isis-WICCE’s studies on gender, peace, security and governance in Burundi, DRC, South Sudan, Uganda, Sierra Leone, Nepal and Uganda. She also manages the organization’s monitoring and evaluation function, in addition to serving as a trainer. She designs  Isis-WICCE’s training manuals and conducts trainings . Juliet is also a counselor to colleagues, offering a listening ear and practical tips.

In her role, she is most inspired by the opportunity to have face-to-face contact, make personal connections and respond to the challenges women share when she visits their communities. Outside the office, Juliet loves to sing, dance to up-tempo music or listen to slow spiritual tunes. Ultimately she enjoys watching plays and movies- her favourites are Neria, the Zimbabwe classic on women’s rights and property rights as well as The Sound of Music, an example of a family using their talents to create peace and love.

Juliet has a bachelor’s degree in Library and Information Science (Makerere University) and M.A in Development Studies (Uganda Martyrs University, Nkozi).

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