In 2018, the African Union Commission (AUC) launched the Continental Results Framework (CRF) for Monitoring
and Reporting on the WPS Agenda in Africa. The framework provides a policy for tracking the progress made on implementing the commitments on WPS by the Commission and Member States through various instruments such as UN Security Council Resolution
1325 and the Maputo Protocol.

The CRF also seeks to catalyse the implementation of the WPS Agenda in Africa, not only by providing an
accountability tool, but also by incentivising Member States and Regional Economic Communities (RECs). Additinally, the framework will contribute to data collection and inform peace and security decisions.

However, despite its existence, the level of awareness and reporting by civil society organisations (CSOs) of the framework
remains low.
Therefore, recognising the crucial role that civil society plays in monitoring policies and their
implementation, Women’s International Peace Centre is convening a discussion on how CSOs can be
strengthened to assess the performance of and hold African governments accountable on reporting
about progress of the WPS agenda through the CRF.

With a specific focus on Burundi, the DRC and South Sudan, participants will discuss how monitoring of the CRF will bridge the gap between developing policies on WPS and ensuring tracked progress in their implementation in the 3 countries.

The webinar will be held on 06th October 2022 under the auspices
of the Just Future.

Register here;

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