Programme Officer, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation

She runs Isis-WICCE’s monitoring system to makes sure projects and activities are running as they should and are on track to bring change. Susan also spends time in locations where Isis-WICCE works to track and document individual and communal shifts. As a researcher, she has documented child marriage in post-conflict Southwestern Uganda.

In her role, she most enjoys the constant discovery and learning from colleagues and women in the field. Susan also enjoys reading novels, watching romance and drama movies as well as travelling to locations that spark her curiosity, like Bangkok and Vatican City. She also enjoys spending time tending to her cassava, maize and green bananas- if she weren’t working in her current role, Susan would love to be an agripreneur.

Susan has post-graduate training in monitoring and evaluation (Uganda Management Institute) and a bachelor’s degree in information management (Makerere University).

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