The Centre’s Weekly Resource Hub No.5

The Centre’s Weekly Resource Hub No.5

The week in Women, Peace and Security

Liberian women demand President Weah to take action against continuous intimidation against female political actors that has continued to deny women the freedom, autonomy, and opportunities and marginalize their voice, participation and ability to exercise their civic and political rights. 

Civil society organizations have called for Indonesia to show its leadership in linking women to the peace and security agenda, as women continue to be underrepresented in peacebuilding.

Switzerland commits to gender mainstreaming in peace processes through its dialogue project, in liaison with the NGO Wildaf-Mali.  

UN envoy in Iraq calls for inclusion of women in politics, decision-making process as currently no women have been placed in the Iraqi Parliament leadership, nor as ministers in the new federal government.

South Africa is finally making the headway with its women, peace and security agenda at a time when sexual violence is on the rise

Uganda hosts its first ever conference for Women in Military on Women Peace and Security with the sole aim of bolstering and promoting the integration of women and general consideration of gender in the military circles.

UN Security Council prepares to vote for the for non-permanent seats on the council 2021-22

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