The Women, Peace and Security Update; No.13

The Women, Peace and Security Update; No.13

The Week in Women Peace and Security

Failure to focus on gender in humanitarian action risks setting a precedent in which gender is excluded in consequent development and peacebuilding.

After decades of conflict, Afghanistan has promising opportunities to negotiate a cease-fire between warring parties.

Leaders who drove progress for women around the world, and who are still at it full-speed ahead, have experienced many dynamics and cycles and had to adapt in order to keep pushing for progress toward equality.  

ACDHRS Holds 4th Forum on ‘Women Peace Table’ under the theme: “The proactive Actions of the Forum for Peace and Security in Senegal, the Gambia and Guinea Bissau Space”

Pakistan’s outgoing Ambassador Maleeha Lodhi made an impassioned plea to the UN Security Council to safeguard and protect the suffering women in curfew-bound Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK)

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