The Women, Peace and Security Update; No.22

The Women, Peace and Security Update; No.22

Welcome to Women’s International Peace Centre’s links roundup, where we share news, op-eds, and other stories that we’re talking about in Women, Peace and Security

Women Wage Peace — Visualizing Progress on Action for Peacekeeping. This photo essay illustrates women’s strength, leadership and invaluable contributions in peacekeeping settings.

Indonesia plans to establish a women’s network with Afghanistan to encourage Afghan women to contribute to the peace process in the war-torn country.

As part of its strategic goal to increase women’s participation in peace building, The Peace Centre held a conference under the theme; The Role and Prospects of Women Refugees in the South Sudan Peace Process.

We must condemn gender-based violence and men must take the lead.” the president of Namibia said when he officially opened the 10th Pan African Women’s Organisation Congress (PAWO) in Windhoek.

Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi raised the issue of women’s empowerment in the 43rd Session of the United Nations (UN) Human Rights Council. “Investing in women means investing in human rights.

Gender gap is causing wars says Defence Forces Chief . “The gender gap is one of the biggest drivers of inter-state and intra-state violence and insecurity”, the Vice-Admiral said.

In celebrating the achievements of women in Australia, here are four favorite moments where women have been at the centre of important agreement processes.

5 Activists Tell Us Why Women Must Be Leading the Fight For World Peace; Women from three continents tell us why they fight for inclusion in the conflict resolution process.

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