What We Do

What We Do

The work of The Centre seeks to restore hope and renews the spirits of conflict-affected women. This is by documenting women’s specific realities, advocating for gender-responsive policies and programs, strengthening women’s leadership skills and building networks for women’s substantive participation in local, national and regional peace and post-conflict recovery processes.

Progressive impact in parts of Africa, South East Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe has been achieved through our work with local partners and women leaders to advance peaceful conflict resolution, peace building and post-conflict reconstruction.

Our strategies include;

  • Research and Documentation: Concrete information and data on women experiences and specific needs in conflict and post-conflict situations inform our responses and form the basis for our evidence-based advocacy.
  • Advocacy: Using documentation of women’s peace and post-conflict recovery needs and concerns, working with women war survivors, women human rights defenders, and coalitions of women’s rights organizations, WIPC influences key policies and programmes at national, regional and international levels.
  • Healing: Following research, with the understanding that women’s lives are not segmented, WIPC addresses the emergency mental, physical and gynecological needs of women war survivors- with surgery, treatment, counseling and trauma management- to allow for their recovery and substantive participation in society.
  • Skills Building: The feminist leadership institute equips women war survivors and women human rights defenders from conflict-affected societies with critical knowledge and skills, it facilitates a cross-cultural exchange of strategies, and supports network building for practical action to advance women’s leadership, activism and advocacy for peaceful conflict resolution and gender-responsive post-conflict recovery.
  • Mentorship: The holistic approach of the feminist leadership institute includes continued capacity building and support to community-based women’s groups and alumnae women leaders to conduct peace building, post-conflict rehabilitation and resettlement activities.

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