Valine Samantha Wejuli is the current Vice President of the Makerere Rotaract Club, a position she was voted in after she had been trained in peacebuilding and Leadership by the peace centre in 2021.

With the training focusing on equipping youth with knowledge and skills to harness their potential in participating in peacebuilding processes, Wejuli was empowered to contest for a leadership position at her University.

She has since learnt to effectively communicate to her colleagues, subordinates as well as board members concerning issues and decisions as it is her role to make sure that everyone comes to a consensus.

“As a leader, it is not always possible to get everyone to look at everything the same way but we have tried to make sure that we have things moving forward the way they should,” Wejuli said.

Also with becoming a leader, she is often motivated to learn new things and find solutions to challenges that arise with or without warning. A recent scenario is the outbreak of Covid-19 that disrupted systems and institutions were forced to close down. Here, club activities had to be shifted online and means had to be devised on ways of keeping the club active while running business as usual.

Wejuli hopes for her confidence to get better by the year and also become a better decision-maker.

She plans to be more actively involved in community peacebuilding outreaches together with her fellow peace ambassadors so as to create a positive impact in the community.

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