Call for Expression of Interest to Review the Training Manual on Conflict Prevention, Transformation and Peace Building.

1.0       Background

Women’s International Peace Centre (The Peace Centre) is a feminist organization dedicated to igniting women’s leadership, amplifying their voices, and deepening their activism to (re) create peace. We champion the “Women, Peace and Security” agenda anchored on the United Nations Security Council Resolution 1325 (UNSCR1325), Sustainable Development Goals 5 & 16 and related frameworks.

In 2020, the Peace Centre developed a Training Manual themed “Championing a Culture of Peace.” This manual emerged from the urgent need to structurally prevent conflicts, endorse harmonious democratic interactions, and advance women-driven peace-building measures. This manual was tailored to offer tools and knowledge for early warning, conflict transformation, and fostering a culture of peaceful elections in Uganda.

2.0       The Call for Expression of Interest

 Presently, the Peace Centre is implementing a project, ‘’Nurturing a culture of peace and tolerance in Uganda’’ which is active across multiple districts. The project’s core objective is to amplify women’s involvement, foster social unity, and diminish community conflicts. Additionally, it emphasizes preventing and mitigating both natural and human-induced disasters.

The Peace Centre seeks applications from competent and qualified individuals to refine our training manual.

2.1       Objectives of the assignment

  • Integrate contemporary themes relevant to the current socio-political landscape.
  • Ensure alignment of the manual’s content with the evolving context of peacebuilding.
  • Introduce essential elements that are pivotal to effective peace-building initiatives.

2.2       Scope

The selected individual will:

  • Conduct a comprehensive review of the existing project documents to fully understand the context and demands of the assignment.
  • Critically analyze the current training manual, highlighting areas of improvement and omission.
  • Develop a refined training manual that encapsulates the stipulated objectives, ensuring it is updated, contextual, and actionable for the targeted audience.

The training curriculum will encompass various themes, including:

  1. Gender and its Role in Peace Building.
  2. Comprehensive Peace Building and Conflict Transformation, encompassing mediation, negotiation, conflict monitoring, analysis, reporting, referral pathways, conflict early warning and early response, and safeguarding women human rights defenders.
  3. The intricacies of Transitional Justice Processes.
  4. The “Women Situation Room Mechanism” for proactive intervention and management of election-related violence.
  5. Strategies for Climate Change Resilience, Disaster Prevention, and Reduction.
  6. Empowerment and Gender Sensitivity in Peace Committees.
  7. Prioritizing Wellness and Self-care in the Peace Process.

2.3       Approach and Methodology

The consultant is expected to employ a participatory approach by:

  • Engaging with key stakeholders from the Peace Centre.
  • Conducting focus group discussions or workshops to gather feedback on the manual.
  • Bench-marking against best practices in the field of Conflict Prevention, Transformation, and Peace Building.

3.0       Key Deliverables

  • A comprehensive review report of the current manual detailing strengths, gaps, and recommendations.
  • A refined training manual on Conflict Prevention, Transformation, and Peace Building, incorporating feedback and integrating contemporary themes.
  • A short presentation or workshop session sharing insights and the revised aspects of the manual with The Peace Centre.

4.0       Required Qualifications, Skills and Competencies

  1. A Master’s degree in the fields of law, social sciences, gender and development, mass communication, environment, conflict studies, education, or other relevant disciplines.
  2. Demonstrated experience in peace-building initiatives, particularly in curriculum or manual development.
  3. Exceptional written and oral communication skills.
  4. Adept at critical, innovative, and analytical thinking.
  5. Strong passion for continuous learning and professional development.
  6. Proven time management skills with the ability to meet tight deadlines.

5.0      Guiding Principles and Values

Bidders should elucidate the ethical standards they intend to adhere to. They should demonstrate their commitment to producing work of high quality, relevance, and accuracy. Moreover, bidders should be ready to propose additional performance metrics, ensuring the deliverables not only meet but exceed the Peace Centre’s expectations.

6.0      Time Schedule

The duration of the assignment is (20) working days including all the preparation, reviewing of the manual, developing of the revised manual and submission of the final manual. The assignment is estimated to be undertaken between 30th October 2023 and 24th November 2023.

4.0       Application and Selection Process

The Consultant to carry out the assignment will be selected according to the “Open Tendering” method, following the procedures, templates and instructions of The Peace Centre’s “Standard Request for Proposals for Consultancy Services”.

Applicants will be required to submit a Technical and Financial proposal. Proposals will be evaluated using the principle of Quality and Cost Based Selection, with a weight of 80% given to the Technical Proposal and a weight of 20% given to the Financial Proposal.

Applications should be sent in a PDF document. If it is not possible to save the entry as a PDF document, it may be sent as a Microsoft Word document, with the file name to include the name or initials of the bidder, plus ‘EOI to Review Peace building Manual’.

The subject for submission of soft copy via the email to is Review of the Training Manual on Conflict Prevention, Transformation and Peace Building’’.

Applications can also be physically delivered to Women’s International Peace Centre, Plot 1467 Church Road, Bulindo, Kira, Wakiso.  The closing date for receiving both the Technical and Financial proposals is on 3rd November 2023 at 17:00 – East African Time (EAT). Only shortlisted candidates shall be contacted.