How We Define Impact


We research and document the critical yet often-neglected experiences of women in armed conflict and post-conflict situations, generating important data and information to influence policies and practice. Our research and documentation is impactful if we can;

  • Tell the story from a woman’s point of view, ensure that women are not erased from history in post conflict countries and survivors are viewed as vital agents of change in humanitarian and reconstruction processes.
  • Create safe spaces for women to share their stories and challenge the silence, stigma, and denial related to sexual violence in conflict.
  • Use the stories to demand resource distribution in ways that advance women’s rights and wellbeing.
  • Mobilize and amplify women’s political influence and demands for peace, freedom from violence, and gender-responsive post-conflict processes and realities.
  • Add to the body of existing feminist knowledge on women, conflict and peace building.
  • Lobby key stakeholders to change norms, policies and practices that perpetuate gender inequality and violence against women in conflict and post conflict settings.


After conducting research we facilitate responses to the unique impact of sexual and gender-based violence and the trauma of violent conflict on women. Our healing is impactful if;

  • Women receive psychosocial support and have the necessary tools to support their personal and collective wellbeing before and during their participation in peace processes or peace building activities.
  • Skills of women are strengthened to conduct self and group therapy, to provide support and to ensure safety and security of individuals, women’s groups and networks.
  • Partnerships with government and non-government actors, along with related advocacy, prompts prioritising of support and protection for women human rights defenders and women engaged in peace building and post-conflict governance.


We build the capacity of women as change agents in peace building and post-conflict recovery processes through leadership training, cross-cultural exchanges, documentation and ‘giving back to the community’ initiatives.

Our leadership institute is impactful if it;

  • Documents and highlights the priority concerns and specific realities of women along with the situation of conflict in each country.
  • Women are able to define informed responses to a specific concern and achieve the goals of their community peace building initiatives
  • Alumnae apply the increase in knowledge and skills to engage in advocacy and action for peace in their contexts


We contribute to building a women’s peace movement through campaigns and sustained support to the activism of women peace builders. Our initiatives are impactful if;

  • Women’s voices and agency are at the centre of calling and activating for change.
  • We create the space for women to engage with key stakeholders and in political work while respecting their personal journeys.
  • Women’s groups and movements are supported to build trust, collaborate and exchange strategies for gender-responsive peace processes.


We challenge norms, policies, practices and institutions that perpetuate violence and gender inequality through lobby and evidence-based advocacy

Our advocacy is impactful if;

  • There is a feminist voice (centering women, survivors’ concerns, women’s priorities and solutions) in decision-making processes on peace building and post-conflict recovery.
  • Policies and their implementation reflect women’s concerns, and are gender-responsive – include and benefitting all women.
Strategic Plan

Our 2019 - 2022 Strategic Plan


To enhance gender equity, justice and inclusive political, social and economic development, by contributing to sustainable peace.


Outcome 1:  Increased participation of women in peace processes articulating and influencing gender responsive and sustainable peace.  

Outcome 2: Transformed gender responsive peace processes in terms of prevention, mediation, dialogues, peace building, peace keeping and negotiation.  

Strategic Outputs

To support and work towards the achievement of the goal and outcome, the following key outputs or results will be achieved in the next four years of the strategic time period. 

  1. Enhanced technical expertise of women to participate in peace processes.
  2. Information is available for women to influence decision-making in peace processes 
  3. Deliberate attempts to claim spaces for women to participate at all levels of peace processes – local, national and regional. [Claim:  pushing for implementation of existing policies and laws]
  4. Holistic Wellbeing of women in peace processes ensured.
  5. The Peace Centre is a structured and continuously improving institution delivering its strategic results, while maintaining a healthy working environment. 


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