Latifah Namutebi

Latifah Namutebi is the Research Assistant at The Peace Centre. As a Research Assistant, Latifah conducts literature reviews, carries out research and summarises findings, data collection and management.

Prior to joining The Peace Centre, Latifah worked with the Legal Aid Service Providers’ Network (LASPNET) where she augmented her experience working on various social science research projects as well as programming. She coordinated the implementation of Fair Green and Global II project, Corruption Monitoring Project and Execution of Court Orders Project and curated statistical data for the Just Speech Project and accelerated the Advocacy for the National Legal Aid Policy and the Administration of Justice Bill.

She has a passion and curiosity to delve deeper to unearth more insight. Her ability to see the bigger picture as well as the detail make her an unparalleled addition to the Peace Centre. Latifah is a word nerd at heart and loves to write. She acknowledges the feminist agency of African women which has a rich Herstory that she is excited to document.

In her free time, she collects paintings and enjoys gardening, with results that can best be described as mixed.


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