The Peace Centre is supporting the Women Peace Mediators, Monitors, Analysts, Community Activists with sanitary kits in response to the COVID 19 pandemic. 196 Peace Mediators, 45 Conflict Monitors, 16 Analysts 30 Community Activists in Adjumani, Yumbe, and Kotido have received washing soap, sanitary pads, hand sanitiser and facemasks to facilitate hygiene practices in the settlements. The women peace mediators, conflict monitors and analysts are community-based volunteers that The Peace Centre works with to promote peace in their respective host and refugee communities.

In the settlement, we are only given a piece of soap for a whole month and 2 packets of sanitary pads meant to last for 2 months. I’m excited because the 4 packets of sanitary pads and 4 bars of soap given to me by The Peace Centre will help me for a period of 4-5 months. Elizabeth Yar, Peace Mediator from Nyumanzi Refugee Settlement.

COVID-19 continues to amplify the vulnerabilities refugees already live with on a daily basis. Close living quarters and strained hygiene and health resources complicate refugees’ ability to practice preventive measures against COVID. 

During this time, very few partners think of rendering any support to their beneficiaries despite the important needs of refugees. These sanitary pads will help my wife and I will even be able to save money for up to 4 months. Daniel Chol, Conflict Monitor in Nyumanzi Settlement

The Peace Centre is also supporting the COVID-19 response task force at the District level. The task force coordinates emergency response programs including provision of health care services e.g. case identification, testing, referral, isolation, care and treatment, awareness campaign on preventive measures and individual case management of other emergencies. The task force has been supported with fuel expenses enabling them to conduct their activities in the community.

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