Nakere Rural Women Activists (NARWOA) is an umbrella Community Based Organization for women groups established in November, 2002. It was established as a community response to humanitarian crisis in Karamoja, to address cross border and inter-ethnic political instability, rise of war lords, high domestic violence, and discrimination of women in the society and overall adverse poverty. With the vision to create inclusive society that promotes the rights of women and other vulnerable people in Uganda. The organization focuses on five themes including; NARWOA’s leadership management and governance Capacity, Research and Advocacy, Capacity of women organizations, Livelihood, and Networking and partnerships.

NARWOA’s interventional approach is to identify, establish and strengthen the capacity of women organizations in communities. This is to establish the current capacity needs of women member organizations in areas of planning IGA, and skills building for IGA.
NARWOA has worked on establishing relationships with other organizations including the Peace Centre and has strong Networks and Partnerships. Upon their formation in 2002, they networked with Karamoja Women Umbrella where they built engagements in coordination meetings in Moroto for participating in the disarmament programme. Under this network women also dialogued with their husbands to take back the guns to the government.
In 2009 NARWOA was nominated to participate in women leaders on peace and security in the greater horn of Africa program this group was called (G40). The organization which were involved was Siah for Somalia Djibouti, Ethiopia and Sudan then Isis WICCE(now the Peace Centre) for Uganda women then south Africa was ISS, in those countries women would discuss issues on peace and security in that particular country with funding from Club’ Madrid.
In 2013 NARWOA was able to organize a peace exposition with funding from ISSIS WICCE and Norwegian Government: with various activities were done, 18 health workers were trained to conduct cervical cancer screening in Kotido District which attracted participants from all over Karamoja Region and the whole country. A number of peace expositions were conducted in this districts and NARWOA coordinated the peace expositions which took place in the following districts: Soroti handed over the peace flag to Kasese District, Lira District handed over the peace Flag to Kotido District in 2013. Then in 2017 Kotido District handed over the peace flag to Amuria District.
In 2012 Narwoa was nominated to represent Uganda for the international Leadership programme in the United states of America by the American Embassy to learn and share experience on “the Role of NGO in promoting global women issues” women were invited from 14 countries of the World. In the same year NARWOA was also invited to participate for International women’s day in Washington DC, officiated by Michael Obama, women of courage were awarded shields for the hard work as women activists. Organized by graduate school America, NARWOA was awarded a certificate of participation from the 5th March to 25th 2012
As NARWOA continued with work, we come in to partnership with UWONET with support from Diakonia, then started conducting training of TOTs to train women in various sub-counties, 2 TOTs were attached in one sub-county in the 6 sub-counties of Panyangara, Kacheri sub-county, Kotido town Council, Rengen sub-county, Nakapelimoru sub-county, Kotido sub-county.

As NARWOA continued with UWONET in partnership with support from Oxfam, they got a leadership project on VAW/Girls women land rights, implemented with the women network, Police, Collision members that consisted of 10 CSOs within Kotido District, Judiciary, women caucus, elders, Religious leaders, opinion leaders change agents and duty bearers from district and sub-county. NARWOA participated in the construction amendment in Parliament. We also trained women on how to win elections and lobby for positions in council and even in Parliament in decision making desk, we encourage women to contest for direct seats with men, we are members of the women movement, through this network most of our women have contested to be LCIs in various sub-counties. NARWOA implements empowerment programs in 3 sub-counties of Kotido, Kacheri and Panyangara. After every two years, UWONET organizes a national Women’s week where all the women’s movement are invited from different parts of Uganda to share experiences and learn from each other issues affecting women and achievements.
Under economic empowerment project still in partnership with UWONET, giving soft loans to vulnerable women under this programme, selection is done by the women network in that particular sub-county, identify, a woman they see has more problems and needs help is nominated and writes a business plan, signs an MOU with NARWOA and the money is handed over to her in the presence of the district and sub-county officials with the network members as well, given for a period of 4 months with an interest of 10 % to help the members to maintain the bank charges. We work with women network and duty bearers at district and sub-county level, we have piloted in Kotido town council and Panyangara sub-county.
In 2016 and 2021, NARWOA participated in Observing elections, NARWOA was elected among the 23 sub-national organizations in Uganda to observe election in north Karamoja that is Abim, Kotido and Kaabong, we trained observers in this three districts to observe elections,
NARWOA also has implemented the project Empowering Local and National Humanitarian Actors (ELNHA) to empower local and National humanitarian actors. Building the capacity of local CBOs to be able to respond to disasters/crisis that arise within their areas of operation. The ELNHA project is supported by Oxfam. They have been conducting trainings of staffs, mentorship training, attachments of staffs in other humanitarian organization, proposal writing, and write up of reports with support from CARITAS –Kotido as lead organization.

The organization can be reached through the following channels;
Director: Mrs Ataa Jesca
Organization Website: www.narwoa.rog
Organization: info@narwoa.rog
Tel. +256782821170

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