Child marriage has continued to be one of the major factors affecting the achievement of development indices and targets in Uganda. This report presents the findings of the study on “Child Marriage and its impact on Development” which was carried out in Kasese district (Western Uganda) in two counties; Busongora North.

The study provides the needed information on the problem of child marriage and its socio economic impact on the society. It directly shows that young children should instead be nurtured for development programmes and progress of society.  Involving the child mothers and fathers at every stage of development calls for looking at the issue of child marriage with holistic lenses; especially ensuring that victims and survivors get self esteem, and are provided with means to enhance their well being. It is therefore a loud reminder to policy makers, parents, cultural leaders, religious leaders and the whole community to be part of the great strides Isis-WICCE is taking to end child marriage and restore self worth in the affected that have lost hope in the future. An abused generation cannot contribute to future progress.

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