The Peace Centre researches and documents the critical yet often-neglected experiences of women in situations of armed conflict globally. Since 1996, we have provided data and information on women, peace and security, highlighting human rights violations against women and women’s human rights defenders.

We acknowledge that women are knowers and not merely sources of data. As such we listen to women’s voices to gain access to and amplify their insights, voices and experiences.

Isis-WICCE research has been conducted in 27 countries including 15 countries in Africa (Burundi, Cameroon, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Somaliland, South Africa, Tanzania, Togo, Uganda and Southern Sudan) and 12 countries in Asia, Latin America and the Balkans (Albania, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Colombia, El Salvador, India, Mexico, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri-Lanka, Yugoslavia and Nepal) 

Some of the researches conducted by The Peace Centre include; 

  1. Women’s Experiences of Armed Conflict in Uganda- Luweero District 1998
  2. Women’s Experiences of Armed Conflict in Uganda- Gulu District 2001
  3. Documentation of Teso Women’s Experiences of Armed Conflict 2002
  4. Restoring Hope in their Own Voices
  5. Women, Armed Conflict and Food Security in Uganda 2004
  6. Women’s Contribution to Poverty Eradication; The Missing Link 2004
  7. Empowering Women Against Poverty; Tapping the Knowledge of Grassroots Women 2004
  8. Facing The Rising Sun 2005
  9. Women on the Move; Engendering Peace Building in Uganda 2005
  10. Medical Interventional Study of War Affected Kitgum District 2006
  11. Nurturers of Peace, Sustainers of Africa; Selected Women’s Peace Initiatives 2006
  12. Women’s Experiences During Armed Conflict in South Sudan; The Case Of Juba County, Central Equatorial State 2007
  13. A Situation Analysis of the Women Survivors in Armed Conflict- Liberia 2008
  14. Child Marriage and Its Impact on Development Kasese 2011
  15. Unveling Justice; Rape Survivors Speak Out 2011
  16. Raising Hope; Reclaiming lives in Lira District, Northern Uganda 2011
  17. Invest in Women Develop South Sudan 2011
  18. A Review on Militarism, Sexual and Gender Based Violence against Women: Anecdotal evidence from Kasese District in Uganda, 2011
  19. Redressing Sexual and Gender-Based Violence; A Review of Governments’ Performance in the Great Lakes Region of Africa 2012
  20. Kashmiri Women; The Burden of Conflict, Half Widowhood and Its Psychological Health Effects 2012
  21. Making Gender-Just Remedy and Reparation Possible; Upholding the Rights of Women and Girls in the Greater North of Uganda 2013
  22. Pushed to the Periphery; The Necessity of Women’s Innovation in Activating Post Conflict Reconstruction 2013
  23. Forced To Flee; Voices of Congolese Refugee Women In Uganda 2014
  24. Towards an Anti-Sexual Gender Based Violence Norm in the Great Lakes Region; A Civil Society Review of the Implementation of the 2011 ICGLR Kampala Declaration 2014
  25. Making A Difference Beyond Numbers; Towards Women’s Substantive Engagement in Political Leadership in Uganda- 2015
  26. Advancing Women’s Rights in Conflict and Post Conflict settings 2016
  27. Cost-Benefit Analysis of Cash Transfer Programs and Post Trauma Services for Economic Empowerment of Women in Uganda (EWP-U) Research Report 2018
  28. The Key to Change Supporting Civil Society and Women’s Rights Organisations in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Contexts Overarching Report 2020
  29. Supporting Civil Society and Women’s Rights Organisations in Fragile and Conflict-Affected Contexts South Sudan Report 2020
  30. Now and the Future Gender Equality, Peace and Security in a COVID-19 World 2020

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