African women’s experiences in conflict situations and the role of African women’s
peacebuilders were central to the influence for the adoption of United Nations
Security Council Resolution 1325 and the broader Women’s Peace and Security
Agenda. African women have played a formative role in shaping the agenda, raising
awareness of the issues, developing and implementing frameworks as well as
building networks and mobilizing the necessary support for its implementation.

Two decades later there is definite progress in the development of National and Regional
Action Plans, in the development of peace building and mediation networks, and in
intergovernmental buy-in for the implementation. However, the participation of
women in peace and security structures and processes remains marginal and women
remain insecure in both conflict and non-conflict areas. While there is definite
government buy-in for the agenda globally, there is a simultaneous decreasing in
support for the women’s peacebuilding organizations from local to regional levels
that birthed this agenda. The pillars of UNSCR 1325 – participation, prevention,
protection and relief and recovery – are still far from being realized.

This online continental dialogue seeks to articulate 20 years of experiences of African
women peacebuilders in implementing the agenda; to hear their voices and
perspectives on progress and challenges; and to chart new pathways for women’s
peace and security. The dialogue will bring together women from across the African
continent who have worked on various aspects of the agenda: peace activists,
human rights defenders, researchers, academics, and representatives of the
international community to reflect on the gains and challenges of the last two
decades and to exchange ideas on alternative futures for the women peace and
security agenda.
The overall objective is to enunciate civil society perspectives on 20 years of UNSCR
1325 and chart new paths for moving forward. This will be through a three-hour online event that will connect women from across the continent to deliberate in both plenary and workshop format. Participants will be divided into breakout sessions that will provide an overview of the implementation
of the 4 pillars of UNSCR 1325; produce recommendations for addressing the
identified challenges as well as innovative methods to realize the agenda.
Co-hosts: Africa Institute of South Africa/ Human Sciences Research Council;
Women’s International Peace Centre; Institute for Security Studies; South African
Women in Dialogue; African Women in Dialogue; Femmes Afrique Solidarite; West
Africa Network for Peacebuilding; Africa Leadership Centre.

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