On 3rd March 2022, the Peace Centre convened a Stakeholder’s Advocacy Dialogue in Adjumani for women leaders and duty bearers at the District level to interface on women, peace and security issues. The meeting brought together 40 participants including community activists, village councillors, cultural leaders, local council leaders and district leaders.

The dialogue discussed key advocacy issues such as high bride price alcoholism, drug abuse, teenage pregnancies, poor performance and low education of girls, Land and property rights, polygamy and its associated effects by stakeholders in the course of implementing action against GBV and creating peace within communities.

During the meeting, stakeholders resolved on;

  • The need to emphasise family consent in handling land matters.
  • Continuous sensitization among refugees
  • Documentation of agreements regarding land utilization
  • The need to advocate for mindset change since most people’s minds are dominated by cultural norms that perpetuate violence against women.
  • Need to profile role model men for men to appreciate violent free relationships.
  • Design activities that engage the entire household.
  • Partners to consider incorporating gender action learning tools in the GBV prevention methodology.
  • Local council 5 office to ensure implementation of the district ordinance on time for taking alcohol and make more copies available to the stakeholders at different levels.
  • Emphasize the benefits and enhance awareness for the community to embrace change.
  • Need to emphasize on rights-based approach with women and children being considered in all aspects of development

The meeting also clarified on Uganda’s constitution allowance for the free movement of refugees and peaceful coexistence. This implied that refugees cannot be denied access to animals because of limited grazing land considering that some are pastoralists. As a solution to the problem of stray animals, fines were imposed for both refugees and host communities whose animals are caught straying in people’s gardens.

By the end of the meeting, stakeholders resolved that every one of them had a role to play in ensuring peace in the community by taking action to drive the change they desire to see rather than waiting for others to cause the change for them.

“Conflicts start with us and it’s us to cause change because without peace all that we invest in is vanity. We should not wait for parliament to come and cause a change in our community” the Vice-chairperson LC5 emphasised.

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