NAP III Popular Version

The Government of Uganda recognizes the critical importance of ensuring
sustained peace and security through enhanced meaningful participation
of women in peace and development processes and is committed to the
implementation of the National Action Plan III (NAP III) on Women, Peace and
Security (WPS) 2021-2025.

The development of NAP III was premised on the lessons learnt from the previous two NAPs, i.e. the NAP 1 (2008-2010) and NAP II (2011-2015). with a new focus on investing in rigorous and addressing the challenges that prevail in achieving lasting and inclusive peace through women’s meaningful participation.

Download the NAP III : NAP III – Popular Version

Championing A Culture of Peace: A Training Toolkit on Conflict Prevention, Transformation and Peace Building

The Curriculum builds on lessons learned by the Eminent Women in the WSR-Uganda Uganda (2016), whose work confirmed that a culture of peaceful elections needs to be inculcated in the country. Uganda needs structural conflict prevention, and not just respond to violence outbreaks that arise prior, during and after elections.

This Curriculum serves as one of the institutional mechanism to provide content, process and tools for Early Warning, Early Response and Conflict Transformation work. The Curriculum has also been customized to develop knowledge products for different stakeholders to enhance their skills and attitude to effectively promote governance, peace and development that is gender-responsive.

Championing A Culture of Peace_A Training Toolkit on Conflict Prevention Transformation and Peace Building

Healing Through Rituals: A Guide for Sustaining Wellbeing and Activism

COVID-19 has introduced different ways of working, connecting, relating and being. How do we adjust to this new world order and still enjoy the work that we do? How do we avoid burning out caused by isolation and overload of social media? COVID-19 has made us realise that we need to build a new sense of practice. Read More “Healing Through Rituals: A Guide for Sustaining Wellbeing and Activism”

The African Feminist Charter

The work of The Peace Centre is founded on the progressive principles of feminism acknowledging that the feminist movement has been in existence for long.

The Peace Centre subscribes and its work is guided by the Charter of Feminist Principles for African Feminists which ring true to the work of amplifying women voices, and the belief that anyone labelled as a second-class citizen must be protected without labelling.

Harnessing Our Power With Soul: Bespoke Curriculum for Transformational Leadership and Wellness

As a feminist organization that is committed to the intentional integration of wellness into the ways and practices of organizing for transformational leadership, we developed a training model, “Harnessing Our Power with Soul: Bespoke curriculum for Transformational Leadership and Wellness” with the support of Womankind Worldwide through the “Women’s Advocacy for Voice and Empowerment through inclusive platforms in Uganda” project.

The Bespoke Curriculum contains some practical activities in an attempt to meet the needs of diverse groups at different stages of organizational growth and their varied approaches to learning and ways of sharing knowledge. This allows activists to visualize the experiences of others doing similar work to their own and to see themselves in these experiences.

Management of Medical and Psychological Effects of War Trauma

Isis-WICCE, using its action-oriented approach noted the urgent need for the development of a standardized locally adapted training manual for use to train operational level health workers working in areas affected by armed conflict. This manual builds on the experiences of medical interventional work carried out by Isis-WICCE to bridge health gaps in post conflict communities. The prototype of this manual was pre-tested among health workers based in Kitgum district and among psychiatric clinical officers drawn from various war affected districts of Uganda, with their comments and suggestions considered in its revision.


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